Child Details
CHILD # 85848
MEET Vegeta
Vegeta is a kind, sweet, and active little boy who likes to eat and play. He enjoys having stories read to him and having others listen to him. Vegeta loves receiving attention and has a happy disposition. At times he is very busy and active, while at other times he enjoys relaxing and watching movies. There are times that Vegeta will forget to complete tasks that have been asked of him or has to be reminded to complete tasks. Vegeta has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and requires moderate support with accompanying language. Vegeta can emotionally disconnect and dissociate himself from situations when he is uncomfortable. He continues to work on personal boundaries and better ways to express himself. He is able to make friends at home and in school. He can be outgoing at times, and yet turn around and be quiet and shy. Vegeta really enjoys being outside, playing at the park, riding his scooter, and collecting things. He also enjoys going to Chucky Cheese and others places that have indoor play grounds. His favorite colors are green and orange. He also enjoys playing on his tablet.