Child Details
MEET Zhi'mire
Zhi'Mire is a friendly, playful, endearing little boy who is full of life and energy. He enjoys looking at Christmas lights, listening to different kinds of music, and being around people. Zhi'Mire attends daycare during the week where he is able to play and interact with other children, have stories read to him, and join in large group activities, such as singing songs or making arts and crafts. Zhi'Mire enjoys pureed food and his favorites are chicken, spaghetti, and most fruits. Zhi'Mire enjoys being outside and going on walks with his resource family. When his caregivers spend time playing with him and talking directly to him, he will turn his head towards familiar voices and smile. Zhi'Mire is a unique child with specific medical needs requiring special care. He receives weekly nursing care in both his home and daycare settings. He also receives weekly speech and physical therapy services at a rehabilitation center. He loves to play in his large-sized medical bed, where he can freely explore his surroundings. Zhi'Mire is currently attempting to learn how to crawl and recently mastered getting into a kneeling position. He is so very close to moving forward! Zhi'Mire is also learning how to ride a bike and use his Gait Trainer, which is his newest big toy! These tools will help him become more mobile. Zhi'Mire is legally free for adoption and is ready for a permanent family. To learn more about Zhi'Mire, please contact Kim Hillman at